The action "Sunday is the Holy Day" spreads wider

   Young people from different parts of Ukraine make photographs in front of their churches in order to testify to the importance of Sunday with God in their lives.
Novojavorivsk, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Hoshiv, Kyiv, Kamianets-Podilskyj are not the full list of cities and towns that already made time to join the action: “Sunday is the Holy Day”.
It should be remembered that this action is aimed at announcing throughout Internet that, currently, there are many young people for whom Christian values are relevant, especially celebrating Sunday as the Lord’s Day. The initiator of the action is Sister Kateryna Molochiy, who now resides in Chernihiv.
How can one join it?
Step 1. Make a photo or a video in front of your church on any Sunday or holy day from the Sunday of Orthodoxy to Palm Sunday, i.e., from March 20 to April 24.
Step 2. Exhibit your photo on the Internet with the hashtag #неділяденьсвятий.
Step 3. Tell others about this action and invite your friends, parents, or neighbors.
More on the action “Sunday is the Holy Day” can be read >>>


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