Conference “The Preparation of the Youth for Family Life: Problems and Prospects»

    Thursday, January 27, the chairman of the Youth Commission of Ivano-Frankivsk Diocese Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Fr. Vitaliy Demyanets participated in the plenary session of the Ukrainian scientifically -practical conference “The Preparing of the Youth for Family Life: Problems and Prospects”, which was held at the Pedagogical Institute of the Precarpathian National University by Vasyl Stefanyk (Bandery str, 1).
   Fr. Vitaliy pointed out the importance of the preparation of young people for family life and put a stress on the role of the Church in this process. In particular, he remembered the words of the Pope Benedict XVI, who said that “there is a need to prepare young people for life in marriage».
   Summing up the speech, Fr. Vitaliy wished fruitful work and God's blessings to all participants of the conference.
   The conference will continue up to January 28.   Press Center of the Youth Commission of Ivano-Frankivsk diocese of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.



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