Did You Know? 13 Facts From Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky’s Life

   From the discourse given by Bishop Borys Gudziak for the opening ceremony of the Summer School of 2015 "Social Thought of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky" in the Ukrainian Catholic University.
1. He was born as a count and was probably as rich as present multimillionaires, but became a monk.
2. He was a descendant of an ancient Ukrainian family, however, in the 19th century, this family was polonized and went over to the Latin rite.
3. Permission to switch to the Eastern tradition was received by Sheptytsky personally from Pope Leo XIII.
4. During the Metropolitan’s activity in Lviv between 1901 and 1944, the dominant authorities in Galicia changed 7 times: Austrians, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Soviets, Germans and, again, Soviets.
5. He headed the delegation to Emperor Franz Joseph, demanding that Ukrainians in Galicia be treated the same way as other peoples of the monarchy, without denigrating their national and human dignity.
6. He addressed the Vienna Parliament, in the House of Lords, regarding the establishment of the Ukrainian university in Lviv. After his address, the Emperor issued a decree upon which the Ukrainian university in Lviv was to be opened on September 1, 1916.
7. Thanks to the Metropolitan’s efforts, the Vatican recognized the Ukrainian National Republic in 1919.
8. He provided finance for founding the People’s Hospital in Lviv as well as the orphanage. The orphanage’s maintenance was financed with the money he received as a donation from Pope Benedict XV.
9. He donated his estate in Pidliute to the Children’s Patriotic Organization "Plast" for summer camps.
10. He offered his private collection for founding the Ukrainian National Museum – 5 rooms in the Metropolitan’s palace, and, in 1911, he purchased the whole house on contemporary Drahomanov street for the museum.
11. He initiated and founded Zemelnyi Bank in Lviv, supporting the activity of Ukrainian cultural societies "Prosvita", "Ridna shkola", "Silskyi gospodar".
12. During the German occupation, the Metropolitan addressed Reichskanzler Himmler with a protest against the slaughter of the Jewish population; he also defended Soviet prisoners and wrote a letter to Hitler about abuses of the Gestapo and their cruelties towards prisoners of war.
13. He organized the secret conveying of 2000 Jewish children on August 14, 1944. They were hidden in the undercrofts, in the monastic schools, in the orphanages of Lviv and its surroundings.


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