Sister Iryna Shyjka Celebrated Her 105 Anniversary


   February 6 Sister Iryna Shyjka celebrated her 105 anniversary in the main house of the Congregation of the Sisters of Women- Myrrhbearer in Ivano-Frankivsk .
   According to this occasion the ruling Bishop of Ivano-Frankivsk Diocese of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Volodymyr (Viytyshyn) celebrated the Divine Liturgy.
   The Church Service ended with the words of greeting: the bishop expressed the words of gratitude for the sister’s sacrifice, loyalty to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and abiding faith that the sister kept during the years of her life, for love to the motherland Ukraine and for her good example for the sisters of her congregation. A lot of people such as: the sisters of the Congregation, Mr. Victor Anushkevychus,the major of the city, relatives and others came to greet the Sister. The President of Ukraine also send the words of greeting to make the Sister feel very special.
   The celebration of the anniversary finished with the festive meal during which everyone had the possibility to watch a film about the sister’s life.
   Reported br. Yurij Prylepsky


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