Spain: 100 days to the World Youth Day

   A meeting of families, volunteers and youth takes place in Madrid under the slogan "100 days to the World Youth Day”. Its main goal is addressed to the World Youth Day in Madrid ecclesiastical province. The meeting is attended by 14 thousand of people.
    From early morning a sports pavilion of Madrid Arena was full of families, volunteers and persons interested in the organization of World Youth Days. The meeting was attended by three bishops of the dioceses, which form the ecclesiastical province of Madrid: Madrid, Alcala de Henares,, Getafe. Bishop Juan Antonio Reih Pla, the ordinary of the Diocese of Alcala de Henares-started the meeting by prayer for the youth and families. He asked for special blessing John Paul II, the patron of World Youth Days in Madrid. At noon, Cardinal Antonio Maria Varela Rouko celebrated the solemn Divine Liturgy, which was transmitted by radio and television throughout the country. In his sermon, he called in particular to exert more efforts to take young people who arrive in August this year to meet the Pope.
   Much joy was shared during a spontaneous meal. In the menu one could find a traditional tortilla española, that is a potato pie, jamón - ham and paella - rice with various applications. In the meeting program there were included games for the children and young people, evidence, contests and concerts. Fine weather contributed to the festive and joyful meeting.
   "Many families have already agreed to accept the youth. But it is still not enough. The purpose of this meeting is to pay much attention to the World Youth Day - said Fr. Luis Melchor of the Central Committee of the World Youth Day. - Families also want to take their guests well. Members of one of the families participate in the intensive course of Lithuanian language to take young people from Lithuania. "
    Today we have 340 000 persons ready to take people for the World Youth Day in Madrid.


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