Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church takes part in the preparation to the Euro-2012

    ‘The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church participation in the preparation for football championship Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland was discussed by the participants of the Metropolitan Synod in the previous session’, said the head of the Information Department the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Igor Yatsiv. Then he offered to explore the experience of the Church in Germany, which during this championship has worked well with people on issues of tolerance in sport, says Yatsiv.
According to his words, in October there was established a working group that has to develop and propose some measures according to which the clergy can easily work on the problem of aggression and mutual intolerance and impassion.
Commenting on this initiative, the historian and social activist Yaroslav Hrytsak said that the “Church's role in Ukrainian society, is undoubtedly important, but the question is whether these guidelines will be heard by young people who resort to violence in the stadiums. Nowadays fans rarely go to the churches and also do not go to schools, so the parents’ teaching will give little" - explains Hrytsak. For such people there are other, much stronger factors - Moscow, Donbass and nationalism.
According to historian, in Poland this initiative works better.
Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland has developed a series of sermons and religious classes for school students and parishioners, who will be taught not to mock over rivals, not to doubt the decisions of judges and others.


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