The World Youth Day’s Radio

   A special radio of WYD ( is invented for the participants of World Youth Day, which will arrive in Madrid to be well informed about the measures and events which are going to be held. This project was established by the Radio “Maria” and university radio “Navarra” (98.3).
   "Official Radio of WYD was created first with the thought of pilgrims. It should easily and economically allow all useful to receive hot information in different languages (English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese) "- says Esteban Munilla, the director of Radio “Maria”.
   Radio SDM will be guided by the following principles: professionalism, service, spirit of youth. Radio “Maria” provides the necessary equipment and frequencies (96.9 FM i 90.7 FM), and the university radio “Navarra” - help of professionals and volunteers.
   Besides the radio there is going to be created a television program ( this idea had appeared because oh the thought about young people who will not be able to come to Madrid. Thanks to television, they will have the opportunity to learn about the events of WYD. " The daily broadcast will last 6 hours, starting from 16 August. There will be broadcast all the events in which the Pope will participate, primarily the catechesis and cultural events. These programs will be repeated at night for the residents of America and Asia ", - explains Loreto Corredoira, the responsible for the Madrid TV channel 11 TV.


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