Blessing of the Image "Christ Blesses Pilgrims” and a Bike Ride

    Tuesday, April 26, the third day of Easter holidays in the framework of the festival "Hearts Up” (the final concert will be held May 6) there was held an extraordinary event - the blessing of the image "Christ Blesses Pilgrims ", written on the one of the walls of the plant "Avtolyvmash”. The total area of the image is about 400 square meters. This image is a work of local and famous artist of the Precarpathian Jerema Stecyk.
    The ceremony of blessing was committed by the head of the Youth Commission of Ivano-Frankivsk diocese of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Fr. Vitaly Demyanets together with the priests, employees of the commission.
    After this there was also a blessing of all vehicles and their drivers, who came here.
    This day we also have the 25 anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. A bike ride, which was attended by a great amount of people who came, was dedicated to this event. The participants who took part in the bike ride paid tribute to those who died as a result of this terrible tragedy.
   The movement of the bicycles ran into the City Hall, where there was the final concert of the festival "From Christmas to Easter”. Here on the stage the head of the Youth Commission Fr. Vitaly Demyanets read the appeal of Blessed Sviatoslav dedicated to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.
   Let the memories of those who gave their lives for others stay in hearts of all of us.
    Information Centre of the Youth Commission of the Ivano-Frankivsk diocese of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church


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