Easter basket of Ivano-Frankivsk was taken to the Ukraine Book of Records

    In Ivano-Frankivsk in the Market Square after the Easter Church Services there was the blessing of the biggest Easter basket of all over Ukraine. At the dedication ceremony came the representatives of the Book of Records of Ukraine, - said Gazeta.ua.
    The Commission consisting of 5 persons fixed the record in the category of "mass events and sizes”.
    Large basket was produced by weaving masters from the village of Iza Transcarpathian region. Its size: 2,2 m, width - 1,2 m, height - 70 cm (with handle - 1.4 m).
    Basket has being filling for about six days with different products of 20 local producers. There were In the basket traditional Easter dishes: Easter Paska-giant weighing 80 kg. as for the meat products there were 70 kg of sausage and ham and another 20 small paskas of 0,5 kg, and 10 ostrich eggs and dozens of chicken, which students of the city hsd painted by themselves.
   Easter basket was donated to the "charity village of St. Nicholas”, where there are orphans and lonely people.


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