Europe. The ban to learn the sex of a child

    The European Parliament will soon submit a bill that prohibits physicians in public medical institutions do an analysis of amniotic fluid and ultrasound to establish the sex of a child.
    Tests and inspections will continue to conduct for medical purposes, but to inform parents of the sex of the embryo is prohibited. The fact that recent studies have shown was that this information often causes abortion.
    In some countries of Europe and the former USSR, parents often decide to terminate pregnancies after discovering a female fetus. Most often this happens in Armenia. In Albania, Georgia and Azerbaijan, the ratio is approximately - 112 boys per 100 girls. This is due to selective abortion based on sex.
   However, experts say it is unlikely this bill will greatly affect the situation. Firstly, it does not extend to private clinics and in general very difficult to control how the doctor used the information obtained through analysis. Secondly, the test still can be done, having left outside the EU. One thing is that It will cost more.


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