A Pilgrimage to the Majdanek- the Blessed Places of the Martyrdom of Omelyan Kovch

    Pilgrimage center together with the Youth Commission of Ivano-Frankivsk Diocese of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church organize a pilgrimage of young people from 14 to 17 April to the Majdanek - blessed places of the martyrdom of Omelyan Kovch.
   The Pilgrimage Program:
14.04. – the departure from Ivano-Frankivsk
15.04. – Majdanek, Lublin (staying for a night)
16.04. – Czestochowa, Wadowice (staying for a night)
17.04 – Krakow, arrival to Ivano-Frankivsk
   The cost of the pilgrimage - 65 euro
    The pilgrimage will take place as a preparation for the World Youth Day in Madrid under the auspice of the Synod of the bishops of the Ukrainian Creek Catholic Church and the Polish episcopate.
   ЗContact the pilgrimage center of Ivano-Frankivsk diocese of Greek Catholic Church of Ivano-Frankivsk, vul. Harbarska, 20, tel. 0342 73-17-46 or 094-922-47-46, e-mail: svitlo_pravdy@ukr.net.


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