SpainBike pilgrimage to Hoshiv

    7-8 May 2011 there was held the traditional bike pilgrimage from Ivano-Frankivsk to Hoshiv, which was attended by members of the Christian youth organizations of Ivano-Frankivsk: Ukrainian Association of Catholic Students “Renewal" and the community "Emmanuel" the church of Christ the King, the monastery of the Basilian Fathers.
   The trip started near the Ivano-Frankivsk Theological Seminary, where Rector Archpriest Alexander Levitsky appealed to young people. In particular, he noted that "this bike trip is like an appeal to such young people as you are who love God, and such friendship with God does not disturb your life and one can see the meaning of theirs life nevertheless different trials. Be strong and courageous, Be sacrifice for your neighbors. Do not be frightened of anything, because God is with you, together with you is Holy Mother of God. " Then Fr. Alexander blessed all pilgrims for a happy journey.
    Despite the inclement weather, the pilgrimage was attended by more than forty young people. Together with the pilgrims there was a father and a confessor of the communities mentioned above Jehoshaphat Fitel OSBM.
   After the hard way the participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and impressions at the dinner and of course, to pray in the presence of the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Hoshiv.
   The bike pilgrimage ended on Sunday, May 8, by the Divine Liturgy.
   Source:Ivano - Frankivsk Theological Seminary


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