UGCC has begun its Marriage Week

   “This year is the third time that UGCC in Ukraine is joining in conducting a Marriage Week. As is known, Marriage Week is an international event which is geared towards spreading family values in society. The celebrations began with Mother’s Day and will last until May 19th,” informed Rev. Bohdan Tymchyshyn , head of UGCC Commission on Matters of the Family.
UGCC Commission on Matters of the Family has developed proposals on conducting a Family Week in the parishes. During this time it is recommended to parish priests and representatives of pro-family organizations and also families to conduct celebratory events. These are, in particular, Vespers to the Virgin Mary, sermons on family topics, showing of movies, thematic lessons or seminars; in other words to conduct such activities which focus the attention of the faithful and the community on the importance of marriages and families for the Church and for society, and on the strengthening of traditional family values.


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