Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church starts an internet-project LIVE.TV

   The first direct broadcast was on August 9th.
Creators of LIVE TV expect an audience of internet-users, primarily youth. The channel may perhaps even carry advertisements, excluding those of beer or wine. The channel will be directed by UGCC Department of Information head, rev. Ihor Yatsiv. He states that the internet-tv will include interaction and totally free access.
“Every conversation in the studio or other links which we will use will be interactive – meaning, that the viewer will be able to react to that which is taking place in the studio, through the telephone, employing SKYPE, through comments in the social network of our TVsite.
We will not force anything on the viewer: we will not have the so-called net. There will be content and live programs, direct transmissions; interesting moments from direct air that will be made available for viewing on our channel at whatever time the viewer finds convenient. We have a studio, professional equipment and professional staff. LIVE.TV results from the efforts of seven people, including two operators and a journalist. We have production studios with which we cooperate, such as Dzvony in Ivano-Frankivsk and the cartoon studio Svichado in Ternopil… Also in every eparchy there are press services which are also our partners,” related rev. Ihor.
In his words, “Live TV will be a social-religious (90% - 10%) television. We will talk about the whole person, above all about the spiritual dimension, as well as education, upbringing, youth studies. There may be culinary shows, stories about fishing or other things involving a person. We will also hold tele-marathons. One thing that we will exclude will be stories about sin. We will not popularize killings, violence, etc. There are people who want to help us – among them some prominent Ukrainians,” stated the head of UGCC Department of Information.
The priest also noted that on August 9th during the blessing of the studio, the first attempt at a direct broadcast will be attempted. “We have made agreements with Google and Youtube and they will transmit us as a media server for free,” said he.


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