Red bandanas to the World Youth Day reminde the love of martyrs

   In the Spanish city of Cordoba Diocese the participants of the World Youth Day have received red bandanas. The Bishop Demetri Gonzalez Fernandez explains that these bandanas recall the sacrifices of Christian martyrs.

A Charitable concert “Together For the Youth” in Kalush


   Sunday, February 6, another concert “Together for the Youth” took place in Kalush. The city has met all the participants with the great warmth and hospitality. The concert started with a children's folk group “Marichka” led by Mariya Serafymovych. Besides the constant artists who participate in the charity concerts there was a young singer Katya Frey. The vast audience awarded each artist with generous applause.

Sister Iryna Shyjka Celebrated Her 105 Anniversary


   February 6 Sister Iryna Shyjka celebrated her 105 anniversary in the main house of the Congregation of the Sisters of Women-Myrrhbearer in Ivano-Frankivsk .
   According to this occasion the ruling Bishop of Ivano-Frankivsk Diocese of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Volodymyr (Viytyshyn)celebrated the Divine Liturgy.

Charity concert “Together For the Youth” in Bodnariv


   Saturday, February 5, there was a concert “Together For the Youth ”in the village Bodnariv, Kalush district, collected money from which will be given for the building of the Health and Spiritual Youth Christian center in the village Rybne Tysmenytsya District. The Bodnariv’s concert hall was full of those who came that Saturday night to take an active part in such a noble action.

The war with the religious symbols is going on

   The Spanish teachers at the school in the province of Granada (Andalusia) forced their colleague to put off the cross and the icon of the Mother of God. The reason was only that they were offended by those symbols.

Two days with John Paul II

   Two days of the celebrations of the beatification of John Paul II are to take place in Rome – on Saturday the agency ANSA informed some organizational matters.

Conference “The Preparation of the Youth for Family Life: Problems and Prospects»


    Thursday, January 27, the chairman of the Youth Commission of Ivano-Frankivsk Diocese Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Fr. Vitaliy Demyanets participated in the plenary session of the Ukrainian scientifically -practical conference “The Preparing of the Youth for Family Life: Problems and Prospects”, which was held at the Pedagogical Institute of the Precarpathian National University by Vasyl Stefanyk (Bandery str, 1).

Blessing of Physics and Mathematics Lyceum

    On Saturday January, 22, 2011 the Director of the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum Mr. Myroslav Yanyshivsky invited Father Andriy Zalisky, the member of the Youth Commission of Ivano-Frankivsk Diocese Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, to bless the educational institution.

Catholic Jeff Hraboski runs through America promoting a prayer

   27-year-old catholic Jeff Hraboski is going to run from the western to the eastern coast of the United States to promote the importance of a prayer. He has four months to pass the route of 5 000.

Charity Concerts (gathered money on the concerts will be used for building a Christian Youth Center in village Rybne)

   Having the blessing of the ruling bishop of Ivano-Frankivsk of Diocese Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Volodymyr (Viytyshyn), the support of Regional State Administration of Ivano-Frankivsk the Youth Commission of Ivano-Frankivsk Diocese of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church is going to organize a charity concert “Together - For the Youth”

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